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Overview of the insurance market – 2023 Renewal Outlook 


After the price hikes and reduced capacities that we witnessed in early 2022, particularly with regard to property, damage and liability insurance contracts, we were hoping that underwriting conditions would stabilize.


But three factors have thwarted those expectations: rampant inflation, natural disasters around the world and recent rise in healthcare expenses and lost work time.

This white paper on the State of the Market will help you get your bearings during the current budgeting period.

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Au sommaire

Property damage, civil liability and cyber insurance

Vehicle fleets, freight and construction

Financial risks, political risks and special risks

Reinsurance and alternative risk transfers

Social protection

Within this tense environment, we remain true to our principles in our treatment of clients. We are committed to obtaining information about insurer pricing, deductibles and capacities as quickly as possible, to allow us maximum time to negotiate.

State of the Insurance Market: a document created to help you:


Learn about the latest trends, market by market


Prepare for your contract renewals


Present a solid case to insurers

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By your side to advise and work with you to develop insurance programs tailored to your needs:


Business risk prevention

Property damage, civil liability, vehicle fleets, prevention, cyberattacks, directors’ and officers’ liability, fraud prevention, etc.


Employee protection

Mandatory complementary health insurance, employee group benefits, group pension plans, employee mutual funds, etc.


Affinity insurance

Insurance coverage for your customers, incorporated into your products and services, covering design, claims management, customer service, etc.


Specialty insurance

Real estate, construction, medical, agriculture and agrifood, transportation and logistics, renewable energy, aeronautics, public authorities and agencies, etc.